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« The fairies' tutus are made of white balls and, within a huge bubble, two pink chromosomes meet. And if Monte-Carlo again became the birthplace of innovations for music and ballet, Maillot's style could one day symbolise a new start for choreographic creation in Grimaldi country. »

Die Welt

« D'une double ligne narrative, le chorégraphe tresse les deux fils avec beaucoup d'astuce, réunissant à nous faire vivre, quasi en simultané, les deux histoires. (…)?La danse, expressive, ample, sait aussi se rétracter pour jouer au plus près de la peau des danseurs d'une efficacité sensuelle. »

Le Monde

« This was « The Sleeping Beauty » minus the fairy tale gloss, all grown-up for an adult audience, full of whimsy, fear and something to contemplate beyond the usual happy ending. (…) « La Belle » inspired a certain envy that Maillot was tearing down the walls of ballet tradition with such exemplary style »

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


« Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo ont à nous montrer quelque chose d'effrayant et de beau à la fois dans cette version dansée onctueuse et vive comme l'éclair de l'éternelle histoire de Roméo et Juliette »

New-York Times

« While respecting Shakespeare's work, Maillot manages to maintain the suspense. This ballet is neither purely classical nor a hard-edged contemporary version ; the post-classical style is distinguished by its young and energetic character, its refined aestheticism and its constant musical quality. (…) From every point of vue, this remarkable version is one of the most beautiful ballets adapted from Shakespeare's masterpiece to be seen today. »

Lifestyle China


"E la festa della gioia: fuocchi d'artificio, coriandoli, stelle filanti, uscite travolgenti coinvolgono il publico in un pirotecnico finale."

Il Corriere della Sera

"The best mix of circus and dance ever seen."(...) "As with all Nutcraker, the little girl must wake up at the end as did the audience, albeit regettably- though with thanks to Maillot for his brief return to childhood."

Dance Europe

"Dans des décors fastueux, ce Casse-Noisette Circus féerique, d'une bonne humeur irradiante est assurément un cadeau princier."



"A "genuine Maillot" ballet hovers beween dream and reality - a harmonious fusion of pure dance and narrative gesture, yet sensual and narrative gesture, yet sensual and abandoned to the dancers' very fingertips. (...) With this mature masterpiece, he has explored familiar myths and music in ways that ballet has not codified. He could yet restore the city of Monte-Carlo to its original role for Diaghilev: cradle of innovative conception in ballet."

Ballett International

« The new semantics narrated by Maillot has used the fundamental bases of classical ballet to create a playful atmosphere, a ground-breaking, attractive and unique choreographic argument".

Excelsior, Mexique

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